Conjured Visions is a Film, TV and Web content video production company based in New York City. we at Conjured Visions take a fresh approach to the creative process, producing media that captures the imagination and resonates on a human level. From pre-production to post, we deliver excellent content for our clients.


Eli Hershko – Founder


Eli Hershko==Carl(a) The Movie Premiere==Ziegfeld Theater, NYC==April 20, 2015==©Patrick McMullan==Photo - Amber De Vos/

Originally from Israel, HERSHKO who graduated from Haifa school of the arts had joined the Israeli Defense Force where he served as a photographer and later as a teacher for photography. After his Honorable discharge as a Sargent he studied at WIZO Art College in Haifa, and is a graduate of the New York Film Academy Digital Film Program.  In addition to filmmaking pursuits, Eli has worked as a professional photographer, shooting album and magazine covers for popular artists including: Biggie Smalls, Bjork, Public Enemy, naughty by nature, SpaceHog, The Backstreet Boys, Cake, Garbage and Tony Bennett (to name a few).

in 2012 hershko finished post production on his first feature film titled “carla” starring 2012 EMMY nominated actor Mark Margolis and 2013 EMMY nominated actor Lavern Cox of “orange is the new black” netflix original series. The film has  entered the 2013  film festival circuits. and has been winning awards.

Working under the banner of CONJURED VISIONS FILMS company, he continues to write, produce, direct and shoot TV spots as well as viral films and web content for various clients and ad agencies.

 In July 2014,  Principal photography for hershko’s new  feature film titled “the closer”                                                                                                                                                                  has  wrapped.  The film finished its run at the film festival circuit yielding Hershko 19 awards in 20 film festivals!. The film was picked up  for distribution by the outlet GREEN APPLE with  a release date of JAN 2017


Ruben Rodas 


RR Lightmeter

Ruben is an Independent Filmmaker; his professional background includes extended experience in the fields of Narrative Films, Commercials , Music Videos , TV shows, and Documentaries. In the year 2001 he was recognized for his award winning short film “Paper Airplanes.” Consequently, he was hired as Director and producer for TV shows and promos at the Telefuturo network; he obtained various awards including best TV show of the year for “Menchi” in 2001.

In 2003 he joined producer Joel Cabrera and created the TV production company “FOQUS DIGITAL” where directed several commercials and documentaries for some of leading national networks. In 2004 he came on board as one of the producers for two nationally televised sitcom series developed for the Telefuturo network: “GvsB” and “Animo Juan.”

In 2005 he joined the crew of the feature film “Miami Vice,” as Location Manager for the South American team division. There he worked closely in the location scouting with director “Michael Mann” and cinematographer Dion Bebe. Also that year he attended the New York Film Academy. As cinematographer he had extended experience and the ability to shoot in any Film formats, and Digital formats such as ARRI ALEXA, RED, Sony F3, F65, Phantom, BlackMagic, Canon and the latest DSLR cameras.

Ruben is based in New York City where he continues to develop his craft working as Director, Cinematographer and Producer. His work has been showcase in many film festivals and recognized with awards.



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